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We are pleased to introduce SPARKLE SILVER ULTRA Liquid Metal (LM) Effect Pigments.
Producing a brilliant sheen with no visible particles, these pigments provide the appearance of pure metals such as brushed aluminum, polished steel or anodized aluminum.

Silberline SPARKLE SILVER ULTRA Liquid Metal (LM) pigments deliver a powerful one-two punch - the look and appearance of Vacuum Metallized Flake (VMF) with the application benefits of conventional aluminum pastes.

Features and Benefits:

- Brilliant Sheen and Distinctness of Image (DOI)
- Bright, highly-polished reflective surface with little or no grain

- High Metallic Travel and Flop - Narrow Particle Size Distribution (PSD)

- Smooth Patina - No defined edge, a continuous "chrome-like" look

- Ease of Use - Application and performance characteristics of traditionally-milled aluminum pigments such as higher solids with lower Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

- Multiple Applications - Ideal for automotive interiors, wheel coatings, trim and accessories, and specialty applications

- Cost-effective - Extremely high opacity that provides the appearance of VMF pigments

To request SPARKLE SILVER ULTRA Liquid Metal sample material or literature, please click here.

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