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Introducing SPARKLE SILVER® X-treme
Create Coatings with X-treme Effects  

Silberline is pleased to introduce a new line of special effect aluminum pigments - SPARKLE SILVER X-treme 19 and 20. With SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments, you can create coatings exhibiting intense effects including dazzling sparkle and deep metallic travel. Once again Silberline has pushed the boundaries of metallic effect pigments.

SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments employ Silberline's advanced silver dollar technology that yields exceptional color and brilliance. SPARKLE SILVER X-treme offers excellent performance in automotive OEM finishes and is ideal for use in refinish and wheel coatings, parts and accessories.

SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments create distinctive coatings that will make your products stand out and are ideal effects for coatings on X-treme sports equipment such as snowboards, skateboards, surf boards, skis, and two-wheelers.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments allow for clean tint bases that boost chromatic effect. Their X-treme metallic travel generates richness in metallic reflection across a wide range of viewing angles.

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SPARKLE SILVER X-treme pigments are available in a standard package size of 20 kilograms or 44 pounds.
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